Benbulben - a guided hike on August Bank holiday Monday

The day started out with the silky white shroud enveloping Benbulben. However eternally optimistic we headed off up into the cloud with the ever hopeful leader promising that the weather was going to lift in spite of all the weather apps showing the contrary. A quick visit into the cave at Cartonwilliamogue and then onward to the Trig pillar where we learned about the mapping history of Ireland. It was then our to the invisible head. And hey presto a miracle occurred the mist swirled around and suddenly parted and lifted. All happy now and lots of photo opportunities. On way back along the ridge it was difficult to appreciate that we had actually walked that way earlier. It was a super day out with a group that travelled from Cork to Tyrone and lots of place in between. Thanks a million for defying the odds and participating in a great and memorable hike.