Benbulben Hike in association with Celtic Fringe Festival - 23rd September 2017

The hike up Benbulben today was run in association with the Celtic Fringe Festival hosted by the Grange Armada Development Association. It was fitting to note that on a day when we remembered the tragedy that struck the Armada ships at Streedagh Strand in1586, when 3 of their fleet retreating from an unsuccessful bid to enter England were shipwrecked due to a sever storm, that we too encountered storm force winds during our hike. However I am glad to report that no retreat was considered by a large group of hikers who travelled from all over Ireland to participate in the event. Well done to all and we ended the day in high spirits with not a cobweb in sight. Thanks for all who came and completed the hike safely in what can only be described as challenging conditions.