Kings Gully hike to Glencar via the old Barytes mines.

 We enjoyed a great adventure hike today. Our route startedby climbing up Kings Gully. Kings Mountain looked ominous with lots of fog swirling around the higher reaches!!!
The pressure mounted as we made out up into it. A brief stop to recount the history of the Noble Six at the memorial cross. Then onward in a "white out" toward Pinnacle Gully. Suddenly the valley appeared into view. Relief all round, especially for High Hopes Hiking group leader..... 😂!!!! 
After refueling we decided to make a detour up to the old Barytes Mines at Glencarbury. The weather once more worsened and the rain came down and visibility was down to almost zero. Still all in high spirits, we did not delay but after a quick visit to the old mining works we headed back toward the Toormore/Glencar escarpment . 
Another stop once more to visit the Devils Chimney and the waterfall known as "Sruth Aigh ar an Airde", which translated literally means "The stream against the height". A unique feature of this waterfall is that at certain times it flows upward due to the updraught. 
A few brave hearts made their way down into the top of the waterfall. Today the motion of the water was downwards. We learned that this waterfall is the highest free fall one in Ireland. It sure is a long way down. 
We actually stood at one stage with a leg in each county. One in Leitrim and one in Sligo as the stream which feeds the waterfall also forms the county border. 
No day would be complete without coffee/tea and delicious cheese cake at the Tea Shed beside the lake. 
High Hopes Hiking wants to say thank you to all who participated in today's hikes and we look forward to many more days of fun and adventure.